1stADECOPA: Swimming finals
2nd Proyecto Hogar visits 9th and 10th grades
Parents invited to assist scenography for 3rd grade play
3rdThird Exam for 11th grade
5thArrival of students from Brooks (Boston) and professors from Winnipeg U.
Suspension of advice and remedial hours until June 14th
6th11th - UPC PPU Exam
7thNational Flag Day
Vaccination for girls of 5th A
7th A visit to Casa Hogar
Workshop for 1st grade parents on Mathematics
9thParents invited to scenography montage for 3rd Play
5th A Integration activity
ADECOPA: Chorus rehearsal
Special advice hour for 9th graders essays
PK family activity in Pachacamac
12thSecond Trimester Beginning
Photography sessions by Sections start
Workshop for Student Delegates start
Deadline for signups for exchange and international programs
ADECOPA: Beginning of Ping-Pong Tournament (Ages: 13 and 17)
and Chess tournament (Ages: 13 and 17).
13thAthletics (ages 13 and 17)
11th grade visit Univ. Cayetano
Stanford Talent Search presentation for selected students and their parents
Fathers´ Day PKB and KA
14thFathers´Day PKA and KB
10th grade Art Group visit to Mali
7th grade visit to Casa Hogar
Debate Expresarte
15thFathers´ Day PKC and KC
Science activity in PUCP for 10th graders
Restart advice and remedial hours
Beginning Cine Forum: "Rebel Without a Cause""
Plays 3B, 3C
16thAthletics (ages:13 and 17)
Father´s Day PKD and KD
10th A visit to Lima Maternity
Debate Expresarte
Play 3A
17thADECOPA: Basket Festival (ages: 9 and 10)
Report Day
18thFathers´ Day
19thRace for Cañete (PE Class) - Grades: 6th C, 4thB, 3rdC, 7th and 8th
20thRace for Cañete (PE Class) - Grades: 6thB, 4thA, 2ndBC, 11thC
5th C Integration Activity
20th -22ndADECOPA: Chorus Rehearsal
21stRace for Cañete (PE Class) - Grades: PE, 4thC, 3ndA, 9th 10th
11th visit to UPC
4thC visit to MALI
10thB visit to Lima Maternity
5thA Fundraising activity for Villa Martha
2nd visit to Gran Teatro Nacional
7th.C visit to Casa Hogar
3rd B Integration activity
Parents´s meeting of 11 years-old Teams
4th grade Parent´s meeting about Camping
3rd to 6th grade Parent´s meeting about Social Network
22ndRace for Cañete (PE Class): 5thAC, 2ndA, 11thA
11th UDEP Exam
4thA visit to MALI
Cine Forum: "The Seven Year Itch""
23rdRace for Cañete (PE Class): 3thB, 5thA, 6thA, 11thB
10thC visit to Lima Maternity
3rdC Integration activity
4th A and 4th C - Integration activity
ADECOPA: Chorus performance at CIP
24thFourth Exam for 11th graders
Stanford Talent Search
26thKinder A and B visit Museo de Oro
27thKinder C and D visit Museo de Oro
4thB visit to MALI
11th grade Art Group visit MALI
27th, 28th4thA Camping
First Concert
28th5thA Community Service at Villa María
5thB fundraising activity for Villa María
7thA visit to Casa Hogar
30th Normal classes