5thSpecial schedule will continue until March 9th for PK and K
Special schedule will continue until March 6th for 1st and 2nd grades
Short schedule will continue until March 7th for 3rd to 11th grades
11th grade visits the Museum of Anthropology, Archeology and History
7th and 8th Integration Activity in Pachacamac
Parents' Meeting for 1st and 4th grades
6th6th and 7th grades Integration Activity in T1
2nd and 6th grades Parents' Meeting
7th10th and 11th grades Integration Activity in Pachacamac
4th and 5th grades Integration Activity in Inkasuarinas
9th grade visits Trener 2
11th grade Parents' Meeting
8th Kinder and 8th grade Parents' Meeting
12thBook Exhibition and sale for T2 extended essays
7th and 8th grades begin classes in Pachacamac
5th and 10th grades Parents' Meeting
13th3rd and 7th grades Parents´ Meeting
14th9th and 10th grades begin classes in Pachacamac
9th grade Parents' Meeting
15thDidactic Concerts
Intercolors match begins in Trener 2
7th grade begins Music classes
1st grade begins Pool Activities in Domenak
Adecopa 2018 Inauguration
Secondary Remedial Examinations
Prekinder Parents' Meeting
11-year-old selection Parents' Meeting
Workshop Registration begin
19thStart Special Program, Remedial and Advice classes
Kinder begins Pool activities (Trener 1)
Audio screening test begins
Sports selections training schedule change
20thWorkshop Registration deadline
BEO Group Students and Parents' Meeting
21stDay of Non-Discrimination and Down Syndrome Day
Book Fair in T1 (until 23rd)
Football 17, football 13, basketball 15, volleyball 11 and volleyball 17 Championships start
23rd9th grade visits PK & K
26th Workshops and Instruments Program begin
Vision screening test begins
BEO group trip to London until April 11th
29 - 1stHoly Week