26.º receives visit from ARIE representative
31.° Visit to Parque de las Leyendas
5.°C Activities pro funds Villa Martha
3.°B Integration activity
Competition for exchanges and BEO
43.°A Group integration activity
7.°B Visit to Casa Hogar
8.º Meeting of parents about the study trip
4 y 5 4.° B Camping in La Cantuta
55.°B Visit to Villa Martha
Film Forum “The pursuit of happiness”
6Suspension of classes for Teacher's Day
9We start taking photos per classroom
Start Closing Workshops
10Day of costumes
Competition for exchanges and BEO
Adecopa sports award (semester 1)
4.º Talk for parents about Confession
113.°A - C Group integration activity
7.°C Visit to Casa Hogar
125.°C Villa Martha
Film Forum “Radio”
12 y 134.°C Camping in La Cantuta
133.°C Group integration activity
3.º Visit Surco
12 -- 14PUCP MUN
14Festival of soccer workshops
15-208.° Trip to the North Coast
9.° Trip to Jauja, Tarma, San Ramón and La Merced
16Start of Peru week
4.° Visit Huachipa
There are no primary religion classes, leveling, counseling or workshops (except those indicated by closing activity). Instrument and SP classes, teams and casts continue until Thursday.
1810.º y 11.º come to T1 to work with Pk, K y 1.º about Peru.
3.° A Group integration activity
7.°A Visit to Casa Hogar
193.° C Group integration activity 2:30 p.m.
6.º Presentation of the musical challenge
7.° Closing of the semester of music
Film forum “Front of the class”
20Closing of Peru fair
Departure schedule: Initial (11:00 a.m.); primary not 2.º (12:00 p.m.); 2.º (1:00 p.m.); secondary (1:00 p.m.)"
Return of 8.º and 9.º travelers
21Fifth special test for 11th
22Vacations from July 22 to August 5