Trener School is a bilingual, co-educational, non-religious school that carries on the valuable experience accumulated by the Trener Academy during the 35 years that it prepared thousands of students to enter a university. We offer our students an intensive English program and modern curricula in order to prepare them to face the academic demands of the current world as well as to encourage their personal development and autonomous thinking.

We promote the development of our students’ individual skills, while encouraging them to enjoy learning and feel satisfied when they overcome difficulties and are recognized for their achievements. All of this has allowed us to create a different educational environment, where the particular characteristics of each of our students and their different interests and learning skills are respected.

In a general environment of respect, we emphasize self-discipline and universal values. In this way, our students can plan and organize their own work, fulfill the demands and goals set by the school, assume responsibilities, work as a team and demonstrate sympathy and generosity. Arts and sports are also an important part of their education.

To efficiently promote adequate personal and academic development, each class has a homeroom teacher who interrelates and supports the students as well as to promote reflection within the entire group.

On the other hand, we understand the role that the family plays in education, thus exchange of information among teachers, students and parents is ongoing and free-flowing from the very beginning and means a lot to us. Therefore, we place great importance on the meetings, visits and interviews held during the admission process.