In addition to the regular application process to Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten, the school may also evaluate and grant admittance to any student wishing to transfer from other schools at any time if there is space available. Appropriateness of transfer will also be evaluated as a whole.

Currently we only have availability for the following grades of 2018: 1st and 5th, grades and from 10th grade onwards. The applications for other grades will be registered on our waiting list.

Application Procedures

Required documents:

· Application form filled out (available at the school and here).

· Candidate’s birth certificate.

· Four 4 cm x 3 cm full-face photos (name written on the back).

· Civil and/or religious marriage certificate (optional).

· Photocopy of D.N.I. or C.E./Passport of the candidate.

· Last year’s final report card and the last one issued by the current school at the time of the application.

· Record of conduct or reference letter from the current school (not essential at the time of registration).

· Proof of tuition fees paid at previous school (statement), according to the format provided by the school (available here). In case of transfers from abroad, but that have previously attended a Peruvian school, you must also present this statement for said Peruvian institution.

The registration fee is S/. 300.00 (cash).

Evaluation Process

Once the application has been received and when there is space available for the requested grade, evaluation sessions conducted by the Counseling Department and the grade director are scheduled. Both the psychopedagogical level of readiness and the command of the basic knowledge required for the grade are evaluated in Math, Spanish and English.

After the evaluation process ends, the candidate’s parents are appointed for a personal interview to be notified of the admission decision and to discuss the need for a leveling work period after acceptance.

Entrance Fees

After being notified of the admission decision, the candidate’s parents will have a one-week period to hold the vacancy by paying a one-time, non-refundable entrance fee. Fees vary according to the grade. S/. 18,000.00 up to third grade, S/. 14,400.00 from fourth to sixth grade, S/. 9,000.00 from seventh to ninth grade and S/. 7,200.00 for tenth and eleventh grade.

Upon acceptance, the candidates that come from a Peruvian school should provide the complete records from his/her previous school(s) called “Ficha Integral del Educando” and the official transcripts. The candidates that come from abroad should provide the official transcripts sealed by the correspondent peruvian consulate. If these documents are not provided the candidates will not be able to register and will lose their space.

For any inquiries regarding transfers or to coordinate a visit to the school, do not hesitate to contact us at: 705-1500, 344-0181 (fax) or send us an email to: or visit our website