The under 15 Trener athletics team won a total of 14 medals at the Videna last week in the Adecopa championship. Some outstanding performances helped the girls finish the team rankings in 3rd place, the boys came 4th in a very close competition.

The team won the following medals:

 Gold: Nicolás Barahona – 200m  Gold: Luciana Bridges – Javelin
 Silver: Vera Silva – 100m  Silver: Vera Silva – 200m
 Silver: Nicolás Barahona – 400m  Silver: Stefano Figari – High Jump
 Silver: Abby González – Shot Put  Silver: Juan Diego Vizaretta – 1000m
 Silver: Belén Linares – Javelin
 Bronze: Gaby Cáceres – 200m  Bronze: Joaquín Zapata – combined
 Bronze: Lucas Morales – 1000m  Bronze: María José Arévalo – 800m
 Bronze: María José Arévalo – 400m