1stActivities for the Children´s Book Day at Trener 1
5th grade pool activities starts
2nd11th graders read story tales to PK & K
3rd BEO team travels to London (from April 3rd to April 19th)
Jazz House Kids parents´meeting.
4thIntercolors volleyball matches finish at Trener 2
PK-2nd grade speech assestments begin
5thWinnipeg student teachers arrive
6th11th Exam 1
Pre school Open Day
9th 2nd grade field trip to "La Cantuta""
KA & KB visit Pachacamac
5th grade Religion classes begin
10th KC & KD visit Pachacamac
8th field trip to "Pantanos de Villa" "
11th6th grade Religion classes begin
10th & 11th Radio and TV preparatory Workshop at Trener 2
10th grade goes to the Theater: Yerma
12th DELF Certification Ceremony at Alianza Francesa, Miraflores
Class of 2018 reunion at Trener 2
13th Second vocational test for 11th graders at Trener 2
Teacher´s Seminar: Competencies, Learning and Assesment- our 25 years experience
15thTrener Day Talent show registration begins
PKA & B visit Pachacamac
ADECOPA chest (15 years) and ping pong (17 years ) tournaments begin
15th -17th 5.ºA trip to Azpitia
16th PKC & D visit Pachacamac
1st B & C Reading Hike
17th 1st A & D Reading Hike
18th - 21st Easter
22nd 2nd grade parents start visiting the classrooms
23rd10th grade performance on the Spanish Language Day at Trener 2
7th grade trip to Ica parents` meeting (6:30 p.m.)
Workshops for High School parents (7:15 p.m.)
ACEPTA: Speech on limits and risks (7:45 p.m.)
24th 10th grade performance on the Spanish Language Day for 8th grade at Trener 1
Radio and TV workshop starts
3rd grade First Communion parents´meeting (6:30 p.m.)
Workshops for Elementary parents (7:00 p.m.)
PK-3rd grade speech on Self - regulation and Limits (7:45 p.m)
24th - 26th 5th B Trip to Azpitia
25th Notary assistance for 7th grade travellers
BEO performance to 7th & 8th grade
5th grade activity with Geodesic dome
26th6th graders visit "El Congreso de la República""
ADECOPA 4th grade Festival at Pachacamac
27th School Tour for PK2020 & PK2021 parents
11th grade Exam 2
28thExalumni Football Tournament begins (until June 7th)
30thDebate Tournament at Trener 2
Trener Jazz Ensemble presentation at the Lima Jazz Association Festival