39th grade paints homes at Cañete
Trener Handball Cup
5Start of picture day (ending date November 12th)
5 - 64th grade Evaluacion censal del estudiante ECE
6 - 9Art Show + Music Festival + Expoventa
77th B visits Casa Hogar
810th graders deliver their monographs
8th grade has no music classes
10 - 116th grade family camping at Pachacamac - activity organized by classroom delegates
1111th grade PUCP exam
12PK starts preparing costumes and scenography for their English Presentation
Self-evaluations of Social Personal area start
4th grade & 6th grade start their English Test
9th grade Second English Test
School Library Week (activities during the recesses from Monday through Thursday)
Starts ADECOPA Ping pong (11 years)
131st C and 1st D visit Plaza Vea
5th grade choir rehearsal for the First Communion
ADECOPA Academic Awards
English Presentation PKA & PKC
141st A and 1st B visit Plaza Vea
4th grade First Communion rehearsal at the parish until 4:30 p.m.
7th C visits Casa Hogar
9th grade & 10th grade Hands only (CPR ) at PE
153th visits Mi Nuevo Perú
English Presentation PKB & PKD
16Final Francophone Song
174th grade First Communion
11th grade TENTH special test
6th grade community service: ARIE at Pachacamac
Argumentes debate
Robotics Workshop for parents and their children (advanced)
1811th grade Universidad de Lima Exam
2010th grade starts Trener English Language Test TELT
Kinder, 1st grade and 2nd grade start celebrations for "Children´s Day" "
4th C & 4th A visit Museo Larco
ADECOPA Chest Championship starts (13 years)
ADECOPA Gimnastics Championship
11th grade fieldtrip to Pachacamac
Argumentes debate
21PK A and PK C fieldtrip to the beach
9th grade PE challenge at Pachacamac
4th B visits Museo Larco
ADECOPA Gimnastics Championship
221st grade Gymboree at Pachacamac
7th B visits Casa Hogar
3th B & 3th C visit Mi Nuevo Perú
23National drill
PK B & PK D filedtrip to the beach
9th grade, 10th grade and 11th grade DELF A1
24Guided visit
27Last week of extracurricular classes, advice and remedial hours and religion classes.
Last day to return borrowed books from the library
9th grade & 10th grade deliver the community service form
PK Children´s Day
Kinder prepares costume and scenography for the Play
27 & 29PK 2019 new students visit the school
28 & 29Final concerts
3010th grade - 11th grade DELF A2, B1
30Oral tests continue PET, FCE, CAE, CPE
Dec 1st 5.º- 10.º General Test
Dec 1st- 2nd4th grade camping at Pachacamac