In a world where knowledge is increasing and changing day by day, we want our students to develop the ability to build up their own learning, that is, that they learn to learn. Focusing on the consolidation of their scientific and humanistic education, and away from the limitations of exclusive role learning, we use a permanent and ongoing evaluation of our students’ academic achievements

At every level, the curriculum is based on modern concepts of science and pedagogy, in order to boost curiosity and a wide variety of interests in our students, as well as to motivate them to do research and promote reflection and study. We place special attention on the command of English, since this is the language of contemporary science and communications.

Contact with English starts at the Pre-Kindergarten level. And, starting third grade, areas such as Science and Visual Arts, among others, are also taught in this language. Starting fifth grade, Mathematics is taught in English as well and in High School, World History and Geography are taught in English too. By the end of their schooling, our students will have passed the FCE (First Certificate in English from Cambridge University). Furthermore, in Grade 9, our students begin to learn French as a third language, which allows them to pass the DELF A1 or DELF A2 Tests (Diplôme d’ études en langue française).

We have all the modern technological tools a school environment needs. From the early years, our students use computers for the different activities and visit the computer labs with their teachers on a regular basis. Starting Grade 7, our students systematize and deepen their knowledge in this area and start using the iPads (tablets) given by the school as a regular part of their work in the different curricular areas. Towards the end of highschool, the use of these devices is more frequent, so the students bring and use the device they prefer. As a Microsoft Office Specialist Authorized Testing Center, we train, test and grant certification credentials that are recognized worldwide as proof that our students have the computing skills needed to work efficiently up to a Master level.