We offer our students an efficient English language program that covers not only the formal teaching, but also an every day contact, favoring our students’ quick command of the language. The contact with English begins at the Pre-kindergarten level. The acquisition of oral skills consolidates when rehearsing and presenting the plays and through different activities carried out in the language. Further on, reading and writing in English are reinforced throughout the entire primary and high school.

Starting in third grade, Science is taught in English. Starting in fifth grade, our students are taught Mathematics in English; and starting in seventh grade, World History and Geography are taught in English as well. Our high school students are able to perform well in both Spanish and English. The different areas are expected to develop the oral and written skills needed to carry out the activities planned for each grade. By doing so, we help our students reach a functional command of both languages.

By the end of their schooling, our students will have passed the FCE (First Certificate in English – of Cambridge University). The solid linguistic foundations developed in the early years allow for a third foreign language to be taught: French. The curriculum we offer our students enables them to pass the DELF A1 or DELF A2 Tests (Diplôme d’ études en langue française).