Assignments (such as book reviews, research papers, essays, etc.) are fundamental tools for our academic work and their assessment is important. Specific criteria are considered for the assessment of these tasks. The criteria are given by the teacher, as well as the following aspects:

1. Deadline: To achieve certain level of performance (3, 4 or 5 according to each case) assignments must be submitted on time. In the case of absentees, the assignment should be sent to the school by the proposed deadline, or if not possible, upon the first day of the student’s return to school, together with a written justification from the parents. In general, students must bring their class and homework complete when they return to school. It is important to point out that it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the deadlines and to find out about the assignments pending as a result of his/her absence. For cooperative work, if eventually one of the members of the group does not bring his/her part of the assignment, the remaining members of the group should submit their own part to be assessed on time. Students can be asked to take missing exams any time during the first week after they were absent (including advice hours). They will get 1 if they don`t take the exam when requested.

2. Presentation: Besides the specific format indicated by the teacher, assignments should be presented on good paper, stapled or filed, without wrinkles or spots. They must be done on the computer, (when indicated), printed (the school does not print the students work) or written in pen with legible handwriting (except for Math or if otherwise stated).
When assessing tests and assignments, presentation criteria are considered as well as the contents.

3. Using and quoting references and other information sources: An assignment that copies partially or completely from books or the Internet without clearly indicating the source of the information or quoting according to the grade’s requirements, will be considered “plagiarism” and it will be graded with a 1, in addition to receiving discipline sanctions required for the case. Assignments of other students can not be used as sources since the expectations are that each student do their own research and organization of ideas.

These aspects can also be found in our virtual classes in edu 2.0, together with other useful resources. Please take note that our parents’ intranet has important information about homework, assignments and evaluations.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of reviewing tests and assignments that are returned to your children. These should be signed by the parents. In particular, we hope that they are seen as a way to review and correct mistakes while reinforcing learning. In many cases, we even recommend to redo them once corrected.
The tests should be returned to the students within the first 10 calendar days and the assignments within the following 15 days. In the case of a dispute about the assessment, please submit your claim in writing and it will be returned to you after it is reviewed by the area coordinator.
Finally, we remind you of the “General Exam” about the main topics of the school year which students will take in November. Therefore, we need to reinforce in your children the importance of reviewing frequently and keeping materials and previous examinations in order to make the study and preparation process easier.