Students are expected to wear comfortable apparel to school, suitable for the activities to be performed in the premises. Clothing and accessories worn must match the sense of formality within the school community. We believe good grooming and personal appearance must reflect respect towards every member in our community. Therefore, all our students are expected to follow the guidelines below:

1. Students must be clean, neatly dressed and well-groomed while at school. Hair must be a natural color; final discretion regarding its style and length are left to the prerogative of the grade director. Boys’ hair must not be longer than the collar. Beards are prohibited.

2. Hats or hoods shall not be worn in the classroom.

3. Small jewelry and ornaments are permitted. Final discretion regarding these items is left to the prerogative of the grade director. Such items should not interfere with the interest and welfare of the students or disrupt the process of education. Make-up, tattoos and piercing are not permitted. Boys shall not wear earrings.

4. Garments must be clean and neat. They are not allowed to have rips, holes, tears, frays, etc.

5. Garments must be void of statements opposing the educational messages and values promoted by the school community.

6. Revealing clothing is not permitted. The following specific guidelines regarding length must be considered:

– shorts’ length must be no shorter than mid- thigh

– skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches in length above the kneecap

– garments must be long enough to cover midriff at all times

– shirts must cover shoulders; cleavage must not be exposed. Sleeveless shirts are allowed.

– garments must not reveal underwear

– transparent garments are not permitted

7. Swimwear (including flip-flops) is not permitted.

Additional guidelines may be considered for special school activities or ceremonies. Any aspect not considered hereby shall be discussed and resolved by the school board based on the educational purpose stated above.

Parents and guardians play an important role in the compliance of this policy, since they are able to control the attire worn by their children when leaving home for school. Students who do not comply with the dress code policy described above will not be admitted into the school premises or in any other venue where school activities are held.

The P.E. uniform is to be worn on P.E. days without exceptions. Its use is mandatory and not optional. Students who do not wear the uniform as required will not be allowed to participate in P.E. and will face additional consequences.

The P.E and sports uniform consists of:

– T- shirt and shorts or Lycra shorts (for girls) with the embroidered logo of the school

– white socks and athletic shoes

For the second and third bimesters (June thru October) the tracksuit (jacket and pants) shall be worn on P.E. days, fieldtrips and other activities.

The gray sweatshirt with the embroidered logo of the school may be worn on cold days; however, the tracksuit shall not be replaced with this garment.

Turtlenecks, shirts with class photos and/or signatures are not permitted as they are not part of the official P.E. uniform. Long shirts that show under the t-shirt with the embroidered logo are not permitted either. If a scarf needs to be worn on cold days, the blue fleece scarf with the embroidered logo shall be worn.