The Rules of our School Community serve the following purposes:

  • –  To make us feel safe and deserving of loving and respectful treatment in order to come in content and calm to the school.
  • –   To ensure that the environment offers the necessary conditions for efficient learning or, in other words, to make sure that everyone learns in their own way as well as possible and together.
  • –   To make our students recognize that the latter implies living in a structure that possesses rules, authorities, certain routines and some formalities too.

The rules are based on the principles and rules contained in the internal regulation, these same rules apply to the school´s staff as well as the students and their families. The updated regulation can be found on the school´s website.

The rules of coexistence in the classroom are discussed at the start of the year in every classroom with the tutors in order to fully understand how the rules and regulations are exercised daily. The details that are not written in the Rules are worked on and decided by the professors: the authorities of all the activities in the school. Said authority must always be respected. Any comments or complaints must be made respectfully after class and not during the activity.

The most important rule is the one about mutual respect without exception. Our school does not tolerate any form of mistreatment (“zero tolerance”). We hope in the event that such treatment occurs that the classmates know how to stop it and/or report it to the nearest authority in the necessary moment.

Any mistreatment that occurs between anyone from our community even outside of the school activities are considered just as worrying and deserving of our intervention. This includes misuse of social media and cyberspace in order to discriminate against, make fun of or verbally assault another person in any shape or form.

When faced with problems and conflict that naturally occur in the school, we expect honesty and assumption of responsibility from everyone as well as respect for privacy in order to avoid gossip that expose others and aggravate the problem.

In addition to mutual respect between all members of the school, we also expect:

  • – Punctuality to attend, bring materials as well as complete tasks.
  • – Careful use of infrastructure and materials.
  • – Respect for things that do not belong to us.
  • – Adherence to personal presentation and dress codes.
  • – Adherence to work presentation, especially with regards to referencing sources.
  • – Avoidance of all forms of plagiarism in work, tasks and evaluations.
  • – Adherence to cell phones guidelines and other devices in the school as well as for the respectful interactions in the social networks among school members, for example, we do not publish pictures of others or the school without the respective authorization.